Story behind the World’s most popular Wallpaper - XP Bliss
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Story behind the World’s most popular Wallpaper - XP Bliss

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November 26th,

Charles O'Rear with his Bliss PhotographIf someone asks you to think of any windows wallpaper, the first one that comes to your mind is “Bliss”, the default Windows XP wallpaper.

Most of the desktop wallpapers these days are either photoshopped or 3d designs, but there are a few that are original photographs and “Bliss” is one of them.

The scenic beauty of the wallpaper is so magnificent that its hard to believe it is a real photograph. It was taken by Charles O’Rear, a former National Geographic magazine photographer.In fact it is the most iconic photographs ever taken and also the second most expensive photo ever licensed.

Charles O’Rear took this photo while walking from Napa, California, to San Francisco to visit his girlfriend. He was stunned by the beauty of the vineyard that he passed along the way. It was a January, and the garden green looked really good so He decided to stop the journey and take pictures before continuing.

Men who worked for 25 years for National Geographic was so impressed with the blend of vineyards stretch of green and blue California sky with white clouds parade.

Bliss Windows XP Wallpaper

Charles O'Rear with his Bliss Photograph

One day he got a call from the Corbis photo agency reporting that Microsoft wants his original photo. O’Rear realized that something extraordinary had happened. And that’s how it got into the hands of the tech giant Microsoft.

Those beautiful rolling hills are no longer green and grassy. Since then they have been turned into a vineyard. Quite a far cry from the relaxing view that it originally had.

Bliss wallpaper - real place

Bliss wineyard

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